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No.9-20, Kosasebo-Cho, Sasebo-City, Nagasaki-Prefecture, Japan 857-0813,
Tel: +81-956-25-5407 Fax: +81-956-25-5407
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No.9-20, Kosasebo-Cho, Sasebo-City, Nagasaki-Pref., Japan 857-0813
Tel: +81-956-25-5407
Fax: +81-956-25-5407
Worldwide Marine Services

We will concentrate on the Customers First Services and continue to make the best efforts faithfully everyday,and we will contribute to the Customers' global activities.
Worldwide Marine Services

Maintenance & Check of Fire-fighting Equipment,Wholesale & Retail of all the Fire-fighting products.

・Broking of Sale & Purchase of Used Ships & Used Construction Machinery.

・Sale of New Ships, Ship's Equipments & Ship's Parts & its export/import.Inspection & Repairs of Vessels & Ship's Equipments, and its consulting.

・Ship & Ship's Equipments Repairs by our worldwide service network.

・Export/Import Consultant for Domestic Local Industries.Acting Export/Import Business for Domestic Local Industries.Contract for Acting Overseas Business for Domestic Local Industries.
・Translation services of various technical documents.

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Worldwide Marine Services  No.9-20, Kosasebo-Cho, Sasebo-City, Nagasaki-Prefecture, Japan 857-0813,
Tel: +81-956-25-5407   Fax: +81-956-25-5407   E-Mail:
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