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No.9-20, Kosasebo-Cho, Sasebo-City, Nagasaki-Prefecture, Japan 857-0813,
Tel: +81-956-25-5407 Fax: +81-956-25-5407
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No.9-20, Kosasebo-Cho, Sasebo-City, Nagasaki-Pref., Japan 857-0813
Tel: +81-956-25-5407
Fax: +81-956-25-5407
Worldwide Marine Services

Main Line of Business

1. Broking of Sale & Purchase of Used Ships, Used Construction Machinery, Used Ship's Equipments from Japan and its export/import.
Used Passenger Ships, Ferries, Cargo Ships, Tankers, Crane Ships, Dredgers, Tug Boats, Various Work Ships, Barges, Construction Machinery and etc. are available for sale & purchase.
The customers are kindly requested to advise us of your information about the used vessels or the used construction machinery for sale or purchase.
We will propose the most suitable vessels for your purpose.

2. New Ships, New Ship's Equipments & New Ship's Parts are available for sale. (Export/Import)
Inspection, Repairs & Consulting for Ships & Ship's Equipments.
We will export New Small-sized Ships, New Specialized Vessels, New Ship's Cranes & Hatch Covers manufactured by the local industries in Nagasaki-Prefecture to the customers in the world.
We will also supply new ship's spare parts timely at the reasonable prices.
Our local experienced engineers are available for Inspection, Repairs & Modification of Ships & Ship's Equipments at any time.

3. Ship Repairs & Ship's Equipments Repairs by Our Worldwide Service Network.
We can dispatch our experienced service engineers from our worldwide service network whenever and wherever as necessary.

4. Maintenance & Check of Fire-fighting Equipment, Wholesale & Retail of all the Fire-fighting products
(Extinguishant, Fire-extinguisher, Fire-fighting Hose, Fire-fighting Clothing/Shoes, etc.) and Sale of various Fire Engines & Disaster-prevention related Equipment.
We commenced to sell all the fire-fighting products including various Fire Engines as the sole agent of Nakamura Shobokagaku Co., Ltd. of Omura City in Sasebo City area in December, 2013. We will look after life and the property of all the customers for 24 hours everyday.

5. Export/Import Consultant & Overseas Business Support for the Local Industries.
Overseas Business Support shall be provided to the Local Industries for smooth transaction between the local companies and the foreign companies in the Asian countries and other countries.
Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time if you wish to deal with the local companies in Nagasaki-Prefecture.

6. Various Translation Service.
Specialized High-Quality Translation Service shall be provided for the local Manufacturers, Wholesalers and other enterprises in Nagasaki-Prefecture and other Asian countries.(English, Chinese, Korean & Japanese)

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